Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Johan's Favourite Alchohol Stove: One-Can Sideburner

I published my Instructable last night for this stove, with reference to the Garlington YACC Stove page.
Johan's Favourite Alchohol Stove: One-Can Sideburner

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Garlington YACC Stove

I have been trying out a version of the Garlington YACC Stove ("Yet Another Coke Can Stove"). On my third attempt, I succeeded in making one that burns with a nice even flame pattern, looks kind of neat (if I do say so myself) and almost makes me wonder why I would make any other kind of can stove ever again.

Oh, apart from Compulsive Making Disorder, satisfaction of using recycled materials, the love of tools, excuse to drink more Dr Pepper and Guinness, playing with fire etc...

The YACC Stove uses only one can, can be made (quick and dirty) with minimal tools (blade/scissors) and needs no pot stand. The design transfers a lot of heat into the pot and not around it! On taller cans, you have plenty of material left from the middle of the can to create some sort of windscreen.

After making and testing the basic stove (works just fine), I neatened the design by using more tools and taking more care, but you do not need to. The design can be further refined by adding a proper internal wall and drilling jets. On pressurised topburner can stoves, I usually make 24 jets in a 2:1 pattern, using a drill with a sewing needle as a bit.

Indoor (Kitchen Sink) Test: One 15ml tablespoon of denatured alcohol boiled one 250ml cup of very cold tap water in 5 - 5.5 mins. The stove ran on up to 7.5 - 8 mins.

I will publish an Instructable on how I made my version, with all the photographs.

I am destined to make the fully refined version soon...

YACC Stove flame pattern with 4 inch diameter pot.